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The Customer Avatar Worksheet

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Download this proven worksheet to determine who your ideal customer is, where they are and what they will buy.

Use your customer avatar to drive your content marketing, SEO, paid traffic, brand positioning and copywriting (the Customer Avatar is the Swiss Army Knife of marketing tools).

Get crystal clear on the 6 characteristics you’ll need to determine why your customer will buy (and why they won’t)…here

Employ the “But no one else would” hack to determine your ideal customer’s “hang outs” so you can reach them with your marketing…here

Bring your ideal customer to life so you can tailor your marketing to address their goals, challenges and objections to the

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Marketing is changing, faster than ever before. To make it easier for Australian local businesses to adapt and keep up, we've put together "The Focused Insider". To do our bit in helping get Australian businesses back on track this year we're offer these resources free . So jump in and take your business to the next level!

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